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Know About Gua Sha Stone

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I am amazed by the development of the beauty industry! Recently, what has attracted my attention is the seamless integration of the industry and health. 

Recently, facial tools have a promising entry in the beauty industry. So when Victoria Beckham admitted that she had a quartz drum in her bag, we all thought it was a good thing. 

Emerald, quartz, amethyst and rose-colored quartz, dough rollers quickly penetrated into the beauty industry. 

Now the next new entrant is sand scraping. 

But what is gua sha scraping? 

The literal translation of "scraping  is "gua sha ". It originated in ancient China and involves muscles that shave with slender stones. It is considered to be a therapeutic facial therapy 

that promises to shape contours. 

The benefits of gua sha tools

The upward and outward sweep of facial gua sha tools helps to promote blood circulation. Increased blood flow in the face and neck not only brightens the skin, but also helps to tighten and improve the skin. 

According to a recent study by the National Library of Medicine, gua sha scraping (when tested for its effectiveness in experiments) quadrupled microcirculation, which helps relax 

tense muscles and relieve pain. In addition, increased blood flow means more nutrition and less toxins, thereby promoting skin health and radiance. 

In addition to blood circulation, lymphatic drainage also means relieving blockages, which can lead to skin infections and rashes. 

So, should you invest in one? 

If you plan to try gua sha tools, you may not see the effect immediately. However, regular use may significantly improve the cheekbones and the immediate area. 

These improvements also include carving features, reducing skin problems and brightening the skin. However, in order to remove wrinkles and fine lines, the gua sha scraping process may take more time. In addition, regular use of scraping stone massage can help relieve sinus headaches, facial and neck nodules, congestion and allergies. 

So, are we saying that this is recommended? No, no! What we want to say is that since spa and facial care seem like a distant dream, for now, sand scraping is worth a try.


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