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Processing various shapes of gemstones. Uniform size and shape, high precision. It is widely used in the forming and processing of precious stones, jade, semi-precious stones, wood, shells, fossils, ivory and other materials.
Setting Machine
Cut large jade &gemstone into small pieces. Stable cutting, low noise and safety.
Water Cutting Machine
Suitable for all kinds of gemstone polishing processing widely used in gems, semi-precious stones, jade, agate, white jade, topaz, Jade, crystal, glass, shells, handicrafts.The whole piece of steel plate is used as the bucket bottom to ensure that the density distribution of the whole machine is uniform, strong and stable, and the polishing effect is good, the gloss is uniform, the capacity is large, the overturning is good, and the polishing efficiency is high.
Polishing Machine
Cut the raw jade& gemstones into pieces. The intelligent control system replaces the traditional control system with a large number of switch buttons, thus greatly reducing the failure rate in the working process. The computer intelligent control system can automatically display when there is a fault, so as to reduce the trouble of troubleshooting.
Large Cutting Machine

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