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Gua Sha tool hot compress.

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I believe that most people know gua sha cool therapy, it use mostly in face care and beauty.

I would like to share another usage-the gua sha hot compress.

The principles is: the skin layer is full of blood vessels and capillaries. When hot item touch the skin, the blood vessels of the skin dilate and congestion, accelerate the metabolism of the body, and promote  the dissipation and absorption of inflammation.After hot compress, the waste in the muscle also         accelerates the excretion and reduces fatigue, relieves stiffness and spasm, and makes the muscle relaxed and comfortable.

According to this principle,Before doing face beatuty and health care, can use the hot gua sha tool scraping 5 to 10 minutes,then continue face beauty and health care.

When if you feel your muscle tension after sporting, also can use this way, it's very helpful.

However, hot compress is not suitable for all people, if suffering from acute inflammation, peripheral  vascular disease, it can not be hot compress, also try not to do hot compress if there is a wound, in addition, patients who can not distinguish between cold and hot, Alzheimer's patients and other people, are not suitable for hot compress.


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