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How to do Kegel Exercise?

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First Step

1. Stand with your hands crossed on your shoulders, the tip of your toes is ninety degrees, and the inside of the heel is the same width as the armpits. Hold for five seconds and then relax. Repeat this action twenty or more times.

2. Simple pelvic floor muscle movement can be carried out sometimes, Hold for five seconds and then relax,it can be carried out during walking, riding, and office.


The second step is to effectively train yourself every day:

1. Lying flat and bending your knees.

2. Shrink the muscles of the buttocks up the anus.

3. Close the urethra, vagina and anus (they are also supported by the pelvic floor muscles), this feeling is like urgency, but can not go to the toilet to take the action of closing the urine.

4. Imagine you use the vagina to attract something, such as a stuffing or penis. Imagine starting from the vaginal opening and gradually rising along the vagina for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times for a group, more than 3 groups per day, gradually increased to 25 times for a group. You can also insert your fingers into the vagina to check the effectiveness of this process.

5. Lowering the vagina is like pushing something out of the vagina. Relax for 3 seconds, repeat 10 times for a group, 3 groups or more per day, gradually increase to 25 times per group.

6. Keep the pelvic floor muscles contracted for five seconds, then slowly relax, and after five to ten seconds, repeat the contraction.

7. During the whole exercise, breathe as usual and keep the rest of the body relaxed. You can touch the abdomen with your hand. If the abdomen is tight, the moving muscles are wrong.


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