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Boss story introduction:
My elder generations worked on semi-precious stone, crystal,jade carvings in the early of 1980s.
Because of their superb carving technology, my uncle cousins obtained the National qualification carving master. Under the influence of elders since childhood, I had a deep interest in stones and carvings.
I have a different perception and feeling about the stones, and stepped into this industry in the mid-1990s.
I started from an apprenticeship to set up Dongguan Deyi Gems Handcraft Co.,Ltd, I have been devoted myself to this industry for nearly 30 years till today.
Persevering because of love,obsession because of insistence.
Accumulate because of immersion, and progress because of accumulation.
We grow up because we know who we are, and we never forget our original intention.
This is the reason why our Deyi Gems factory can move forward and developing.
Today, every piece of rough stone in our factory are from distant African Countries.
Made by the professional technicians with meticulous design and production, they turn into the exquisite health and beauty tools finally. Every Item we produce is like a craft. They are the results of the hard work of our generations. Every item is unique, it is worth heart-treating and cherishing.
Every stone has unique soul although it is with “cold” appearance.
When you feel it with your heart, you can perceive its spirituality!
Years of working and communication with stone, I have understand a truth:
Our life is like a rough stone that has not been polished and carved.
From the early ordinary, rough and angular, to the cutting, carving, polishing, it became a craft.
Became a tool can bring you health and beauty. The stone from raw shape to be a nice tool, how similar to human growth program. Thanks so much for every stone that accompanied us.
To Deyi Gems, the biggest recognition of our customers is:
Doing everything with a spirit of ingenuity!
Deyi Gems, creating health and beauty with stones!
Deyi Gems, changing life with stones!
Thanksgivings! We are together in this world!
Thanksgivings! Everything we meet and happen to this moment!
Deyi will do better and keep improving, all for you and because of you.






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