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If you have use the normal jade roller, I think you can not miss this new one. It is friendly to the people who with rough face, this item can easily roll and massage on the rough face. It also can roll and massage on you hand, leg and back, to be honest it’s a powerfull tool.

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Some people always mind why this little gua sha stone price is high and some people are interested in how is the gua sha made out? Watch this video; I think you will get the anwser. It’s not only a health and beauty tool but also a nice craft.

Patented Product

This is one of our own patented product, 
it's special for face skin care. There are 4 peices round different stone beads for roller. this jade roller massage effect is much better than the normal ones.

Boss Story Video

My elder generations worked on semi-precious stone, crystal, jade carvings in the early of 1980s. Under the influence of elders since childhood, I had a deep interest in stones and carvings, and stepped into this industry in the mid-1990s.

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